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True Rife Therapy

The True Rife Machine, developed by Raymond Royal Rife, utilizes specific frequencies to enhance health and combat diseases. It operates on the principle of sympathetic resonance, where similar objects vibrate in sync, causing harmful microbes to vibrate and be destroyed. This therapy employs both single and paired frequencies to target various microorganisms, fostering cellular communication. Additionally, True Rife therapy can match the frequencies of healthy organs and tissues, reviving dormant cells and promoting rejuvenation and repair within the body.

Is True Rife Therapy
Right For You?

True Rife therapy is often considered an alternative or complementary approach to health and wellness. Ideal candidates for True Rife therapy typically should have the following:

Chronic Health Conditions
Respiratory Conditions
Lyme Disease
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Benefits of True Rife Therapy

While proponents claim various benefits of true Rife therapy, it is important to note that scientific evidence supporting these claims is limited and inconclusive. Some potential benefits include:

Microbial control
Pain Management
Improved Immune Function
Improved Immune Function

Pricing and Details

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How Often Should You Get True Rife Therapy?

The frequency and duration of True Rife therapy sessions can vary depending on individual health needs, the specific condition being treated, and your practitioner’s recommendations. It is best to consult a qualified healthcare professional to determine the appropriate frequency for your needs and health condition.

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