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Waxing (Facial and Body)

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Body Care

Waxing (Facial and Body)

Waxing is the process of hair removal. We use strip wax to effectively remove the hair from the root. Waxing is the process of hair removal from the root by using a covering of a sticky substance, such as wax, to adhere to body hair and then removing this covering and pulling out the hair from the follicle. New hair will not grow back in the previously waxed area for four to six weeks, although some people will start to see regrowth in only a week due to some of their hair being on a different human hair growth cycle. Almost any area of the body can be waxed, including eyebrows, face, pubic hair (called bikini wax or intimate waxing), legs, arms, back, abdomen, chest, knuckles, and feet. There are many types of waxing suitable for removing unwanted hair.

Is Waxing Right For You?

If you want smooth, hair-free skin that lasts longer than shaving, waxing may be for you. Waxing is best for people who:

Want to remove hair from large areas
Don't want to shave frequently
Have unwanted facial hair, such as on the upper lip or chin.
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Benefits of Waxing

Are you considering waxing as a hair removal option? Here are some of the benefits you can expect.

Less/finer hair regrowth
Fewer ingrown hairs
No shaving rash

Pricing and Details

The cost of waxing treatments depends on the area being treated. It’s best to contact us for more details on pricing!
Contact Us For Pricing

Contact Us For Pricing

How Often Should You Get Waxed?

The time between waxing treatments will vary depending on your hair growth. Generally, those with more frequent or slower-growing hair may need to get waxed every 4-6 weeks, while those with less frequent or faster-growing hair should consider waxing every 2-3 wee

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